Customer Feedback

We appreciate all of the positive feedback.  All of the kind words and stories about bringing people back in time to when they first tasted the original Candy Raisins®, brings us more happiness than anything else.  Please keep sending us your stories and feedback.

Here is what people are saying:

“I just relocated to Florida a month ago! However my kids live in Milwaukee. There are going to have to send them to me Express. I been eating them since I could remember. I use to get them at the corner store 4 for a Penny…… Than You for bring them back and making my memories alive. Now I can share them with my Grand kids….”
~ Mildred Florida

“I picked up my Candy Raisins® today. All I can say is… THANK YOU!!!!! They are perfect!!! I only bought a half pound bag for myself, I had to leave them in the car because I was afraid I’d eat them all tonight. I will definitely be going back for more soon. You’ve done a fantastic job. Thank you again.”
~ Elizabeth Wales, WIDSC_0953

“Walgreens has been selling another brand of these but they do not taste like the originial ones. I hope yours do.”
~ Nancy

“I bought the candy sunshine version and they aren’t even close to the Candy Raisins® I grew up loving. Would love to see them in my area or the option to purchase online.”
~ Colleen Little Chute, WI

“LOVE your Candy Raisins®! !  Total perfection!!  Thank you so much!!”
~ Deb Cudahy, WI

“LOVE Candy Raisins® and have tried all the “not-so-great” attempts to duplicate them. Soooo excited you have perfected the recipe.”
~ Sharon Delafield, WI

“Thank you, I’ve really missed this candy!”
~ Cecilia

“Bravo. I bought my first batch of Candy Raisins® from Half Nuts today. I am truly happy to let you know they are superb. The look and flavor are spot on. I’m leaving them out to see if they develop the same kind of “crustiness” that the original Candy Raisins® did. That was part of the authentic experience.
I’m spreading the word, get Candy Raisins® and enjoy the return of Candy Raisins®.”
~ Michael Muskego, WI

“YOU NAILED IT!!!! I bought 5 bags-although you have to chew for a minute to get that taste it just makes you eat another and another.”
~ K

“I grew up in the Milwaukee area and loved Candy Raisins®. The last place I could find them was Half Nuts in West Allis until about 5 years ago! I am so pumped to see that you’ve brought them back! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
~ Amy Madison, WI

“The Candy Raisins® are perfect. The other knock-offs claim to be as close as you are going to get……you got it right! Thank you! I bought 15 lbs. this morning.”
Kristin Cedarburg, WI

“yeeeha! I’ll be going to halfnuts to get my bag of Candy Raisins®, My sister and I have been looking for them for years……thanks for bringing them back”
~ Carla, Wauwatosa, WI

“I live in Northern Wisconsin. My brother lives in Florida. We LOVE them! Send us some please!!! 😀
The ones I bought at Fleet Farm were close, but not the same.”
~ Jeanne

“I just bought a couple of pounds of Candy Raisins® yesterday at Half Nuts and they are perfect. Thanks for your diligence in bringing back the original!”
~ Zoli Greendale, WI

“HOORAY for John Barker and a pocketful of thanks. In my Daddy’s grocery store (1940’s), was a special candy case. My all time favorites were the Candy Raisins®. The neighbor hood children stopped in to purchase the bulk candy, 5 raisins for a penny served in a little paper cup. They always sold out down to the last raisin in the carton. Then came those imitation raisins, the shiny sticky looking ones. Yuck! John, I hope you make a million of them and make a million selling them.”
~ Carol Milwaukee, WI

“Walgreens has been selling another brand of these but they do not taste like the originial ones. I hope yours do. Have you tasted the ones at Walgreens and also at Woodmans.”
~ Nancy

“Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I love Candy Raisins® and have missed them! They take me back to my childhood and very fond memories of my late mother!”
~ Monica

“Just read about your candy tops on fox 6. I LOVED Stark Candy Raisins® as a child and up until they stopped making them. I have tried the others called candy sunshine and also by other names and they were horrible, tasted NOTHING like the candy raisins® that i remember.”
~ Cherry

“Thank you for bringing them back!! I was so disappointed when Stark stopped making them. I picked up a few pounds at Half Huts the other and was delighted when I took the first bite. Others have tried, but you nailed it. The flavor is exactly how I remember the originals and the consistency seems to be some where between the original and a Dots candy (it’s been along time, I could be wrong on that). So happy, we will definitely be back for more.”
~ Rob Oak Creek, WI

“Hopefully you are NOT the same manufacturers of the “Candy Sunshine Raisins®” now on the market? They do not TASTE like the Candy Raisins® of yesteryear – I just don’t taste the same type of candy I did when I was a child. The Company tried hard, but failed at truly recreating this Candy. Hopefully you will do a better job in replicating the taste and flavor. Looking forward to finding these new versions on the shelf soon!”
~ Michael

“Just to thank you for the 5 lbs.of raisins I picked up yesterday. They are as good as the originals. You hit that recipe on the head. Have tried every other one that has come out and they were no good.
They bring back memories of walking to Mitchell Street to go to Goldman’s for the freshest raisins.
Thank you”
~ Sandy Nekoosa, WI

“You are to be congratulated for all of your hard work bringing back this much loved candy. I have always enjoyed it and always bought it anytime I returned to the Milwaukee area. I have now retired and moved back to the Oconomowoc  area just in time to enjoy the return of this candy. Life couldn’t be any better. Looking forward to consuming your product for many years to come.”
~ Earl Oconomowoc, WI

“We have purchased a similar product at the Fleet Farm stores, but its not quiet the same.
Decided to try the ones sold at a Fredericks Hallmark, BINGO, that is the flavor we remember.
~ Linda

“Excellent! Exactly as I remember. Great job in recreating this classic Wisconsin candy from when I was a kid.”
~ Mark

“I loved Candy Raisins® and then Stark went out of business. I purchased something that was a close copy of them about a year ago, but they just were not the same.
I have been eating Candy Raisins® since I was a little kid.
Thank you for bringing them back.”
~ Gary

We tried them at Frederick’s Hallmark and could not believe our taste buds! You have done it and now I will need to order them for siblings in California and South Carolina!
Thank you!!
~ Kristin

I went to Half-Nuts to try the raisins. I sampled a couple raisins, and I liked them so much that I bought two pounds for the family. The raisins were on our Thanksgiving table, and we are thankful to have them back! Then stopping at Winkies, I ran into John Barker and heard more about the plans to distribute them in stores. They are just what I remember, and I will be putting them in Christmas stockings this year. Yes, the raisins are back!!
~ Carol

So excited that someone finally brought back the REAL candy raisins…this is what I remember! Was distraught when Stark stopped making them. Just got my bag at Walgreen’s today…will be going back for more.
~ Carrie, Greenfield, WI