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What is a Candy Raisin …

Candy Raisins are a Wisconsin tradition: a nostalgic juju candy that often brings back sweet memories like hanging out at the local candy shop or going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Candy Raisin ClusterTheir taste is indescribable. Why? Because every person has a different experience tasting Candy Raisins. Some people have claimed floral flavors like lilac or rose; others say caramel or spice; hey, some even say perfume. Here at Lake Country Candies, we like to say it taste like *sigh* heaven! Well one thing we can all agree… they do not taste like raisins! Its unique taste requires a few tries before you are hooked. But beware, once hooked, you are hooked for life! Candy Raisins are the craft beer of the candy industry. We love being so unique. So give us a try! Let us know what you taste!

Who created Candy Raisins…

In case you did not know, Wisconsin is a large producer of candy. We are the fourth largest candy producing state in the US. In 2015, Wisconsin produced $850 million in annual sales and employed 2,000 hardworking people. A big name in Wisconsin candy, George Ziegler (remember Ziegler bars?), is the founder of Candy Raisins. Ziegler Candy Company sold the recipe to Stark Necco waaaaaaay back in 1976. Stark Necco trademarked Candy Raisin and created a solid following of Candy Raisin lovers in the years after 1976. And then unfortunately Stark Necco shut down production in 2008. Yes, we cried too. But we wiped away our tears and decided, hey making candy sounds like fun work! And thus Lake Country Candies was born.

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